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Company Profile

PKDF Hemodialysis Clinic is a non-profit facility that strives to lower the cost of hemodialysis treatment to its patients. It works closely with government agencies or departments as well as private institutions to maximize financial compensation for its patients.

Since PKDF began in 2001, it has constantly disseminated updated health information and advice to its patients. It continually educates its nurses and strives to keep on improving the quality of its services, as well. PKDF runs a monthly training course for nurses who wish to embark on a career in hemodialysis.

PKDF Medical Laboratory has emerged as one of the leading proponents of the accurate and timely release of laboratory results. Its clinical laboratory uses state of the art Roche diagnostic equipment known for their reliability.

The management team is headed by Dr. Dave B. Tan, owner and Executive Director of the foundation. From the beginning, his goal has been to manage the foundation’s dialysis clinics and provide low cost hemodialysis and other treatment services.

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