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Phil. Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Inc.


PKDF has various patient programs geared towards patient education and quality of life. Regular nutritional counseling is done regularly by a Renal nutritionist. Our doctors-on-duty are nephrologists and internists only, some of whom have training in other subspecialties but who are all required to be updated in knowledge regarding hemodialysis. We do not have general practitioners nor family physicians as part of our doctors’ pool.

We aim to give high quality and affordable healthcare geared towards promoting longevity and quality of life in our hemodialysis patients.

Why Choose PKDF?

PKDF has the lowest cost per treatment among the free-standing hemodialysis centers.

We have FREE transportation assistance in the form of free drop-off at designated areas after HD treatment.

PKDF is the only free-standing dialysis center that gives financial assistance up to P25,000 only (subject to change) to our loyal patients when requirements are met.

PKDF does not entice patients by getting them into treatment packages which are meant to deceive them and trap them into having their treatments at their dialysis centers even if patients would already want to transfer elsewhere. Patients at PKDF are free to transfer to their dialysis centers of choice if they would wish to. To date however, PKDF takes pride in our patients who have been with us for a long time and those who have transferred only due to distance and other valid reasons. This is a reflection of high level of patient satisfaction.

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